History of

saunders’ malt extraCt

Our brand story begins back in the 1850s when William Saunders migrated from Britain to Melbourne, Australia. He was a ‘tallow chandler’, or candle maker, with no brewing experience. His father in law, however, was a ‘maltster’ in a brewery – they worked closely together to open a soda water manufacturing business in 1862. When, in 1873, William left the family business he became a brewer himself. Then based in Richmond, Melbourne, he developed the now iconic Saunders’ Malt Extract product.

Who we are

Saunders’ Malt Extract is Australian made and owned. For over 60 years, from one generation to the next, it’s been an Australian household staple. Families, athletes and health conscious individuals have long recognised Malt Extract as a natural source of concentrated energy.

Because Saunders’ is completely natural, it’s wholesome. And there’s nothing to hide – there are no artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives. It’s simply a rich extract of roasted malted barley that provides a delicious, nutritious boost. It provides a concentrate of simple and complex carbohydrates and proteins that include amino acids, plus it’s full of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, which are great for energy and vitality. There’s no fat, and no traces of nuts. But please be aware that it is not gluten free.
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